DeckersTech is intended to be retail-specific,GST prepared, making execution quick and smooth. Rather than offering perpetual customisation alternatives, our group initially comprehends your business needs and afterward gives a procedure delineate.



What is DT-POS System ?

We have Developed one of the best and leading POS System with our years of successful implementations we can now surely say that we are the best and literary we can develop whatever you want to simplify your billing. DechersTech has provided lots of functionalities that simplifies your billing. We have developed the POS Software by keeping Indian Market in mind. Our POS is light weight and can hold a lot of tasks at a same point. You can also create as many users as you want that will use a single POS system.


POS Features:




Payment methods

Cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available. New types of payment methods can be added as well.


Credit/Debit cards

All electronic payments are handled by external payment terminals.


Split tenders

A single order can be paid as a split payment between multiple parties as well as with separate payment methods.


Currency rounding

Prices and payments can be rounded to the smallest denomination of the currency.


Offline payments

Orders made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected.



Generate and print invoices for your business customers.



Payments are directly integrated into Xenopic Accounting to make bookkeeping simple and reliable.


Customer tips

Supports customer tipping either as an added amount or by converting change to a tip.


Store Management


Order history

View all past orders as well as search by customer, product, cashier, or date.


Daily sales

Keep track of daily sales and totals for every payment type.


Cashier accounts

Manage multiple cashier accounts and secure them with badges or pin codes.


Cash flows

Monitor cash register adjustments and easily verify cash contents at the end of the day.


Stock & Inventory

Monitor your stock in real-time, manage your inventory across all locations, and review shipments with the Xenopic POS Stock integration.




Prices & discounts

Set customer prices or offer percentage-based discounts on either a single product or the entire order.


Parallel orders

Put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time.


Customized receipts

Advertise your current promotions, hours of operation, and upcoming events on your printed receipts.


lazing fast search

Quickly find your customers and products with the built-in search features.


Dynamic barcodes

Embed price, weight, and discount information directly into your barcodes.


Customer & Loyalty


Register customers

Identify your customers by simply registering their email and contact address, allowing you to offer discounts and keep track of individual sales.


Identify customers

Look-up your customers with the built-in search feature or identify them with a bar-code printed on their loyalty card.


Loyalty Cards (Coming Soon)

Reward your customers with loyalty points and exchange them for gifts or discounts.

Points can be earned by product, by order, or by sale amount.


Business Customers

Register your customer’s VAT number and apply them to invoices.


Restaurant Management (If a restaurant)


Floor plans

Assign orders to tables and receive an overview of your restaurant’s floors as well as make changes on the go with the graphical editor.


Manage seating

Keep track of your guests with an overview of your restaurant’s capacity and table availability.


Kitchen printing

Send the order instructions to the bar and kitchen printers. Instructions can be sent to different printers automatically based on the product category.


Delayed orders

Take orders for different courses of the meal at once with the ability to send them to the kitchen printer at separate times.


Kitchen order notes

Add notes for customer’s preferences, allergies, or special requests and send them to the kitchen or bar printers.


Split bills

Let customers pay separately or at different times by splitting orders.




Product categories

Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different point of sales.


Product Search

Quickly find products by their name, barcode, or description with the built-in search function.


Units of measure

Sell your products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly.


Product variants

Sell different sizes, colors, or configurations of the same product with product variants.


Large product count

DeckersTech Point of Sale system is capable of performing at a scale of over 100,000 products.


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